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Maryland Club Charles Street Grill

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Established in 1857, the Maryland Club moved into its current clubhouse in Baltimore’s Mount Vernon neighborhood in 1892. The ornate interior of the marble-clad building had been lovingly preserved and restored after a devastating fire in 1995. While the club maintains a formal dining room and patio space, the member’s desired a restaurant option with a more casual atmosphere. An under-utilized lounge room located just off the main foyer was the perfect fit. While the ornate moldings, fireplaces, and original recessed window shutters were restored, SM+P designed a marble, wood and brass-adorned cocktail bar as the centerpiece. A 15’ high back bar, complete with a rolling library ladder, showcases the broad selection of wine and spirits. A new stairway connects the new kitchen below which includes additional seating and a chef’s table. Along with full design services, SM+P specified and coordinated all furniture and decorative elements as well as curated art selections from the club’s existing collections.