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Amber – Anthem House

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Centrally located in the Anthem House apartment building in Locus Point, Amber was conceived as an all-day destination, combining elements of a coffee house and craft beer bar. The approximately 2175 square-foot space has the unique benefit of being directly accessible from the main apartment lobby, as well as having a main entrance fronting Fort Avenue. The ā€œLā€ shaped bar was designed to take advantage of these relationships and helped to define the spaces functions while enclosing the back-of-house. One leg of the bar was dedicated to serving coffee (facing the lobby) and the other leg dedicated to serving beer (facing Fort Avenue).

The double-height space allowed for the creation of a steel mezzanine structure which helps define the bar area below. This area was utilized for storage and custom shelving was integrated for bottle display. The keg cooler was located directly over the back bar, delivering 40 unique draft beers through custom copper tubes creating a focal point to the design.